Sunday, June 1, 2008

On-Slaught No. 6 (tape, Idiosyncratics, 1985)

Definetely one of my all time favorite compilations, for it's sheer pleasant combination of electronic songs, new wave and punk. Not all the tracks were original to this one, or perhaps none. Onslaught was a magazine run by Mark Lane and it always came with a cassette or flexi disc. Number 6, this one, and perhaps the only one I have, was the last issue. I didn't scan the entire magazine.

A1 Bamff Mini-Crisis
A2 Qi-ZZ Beach Music
A3 Angst Jury And Judge
A4 Paris Working Downtown
A5 Tranquil Eyes The Average Indian Reservation Song
A6 Popular Science When Science Came To Town
A7 Ende Schneafliet* Rendezvouz With Betsy
A8 Actor, The Deutsches Madchen
A9 Data-Bank-A Intervention
B1 Jumbo Zen Almost Wallpaper
B2 Satellite (2) & Atom Cristal Boulevard Circulaire
B3 De Fabriek Snowdance (Pt. 2)
B4 1/2 Japanese Interview With Jad Fair Of 1/2 Japanese
B5 Doxa Sinistra Alien
B6 Cultural Amnesia Where Has All The Difference Gone?
B7 Project Electronic Amerika Iremember
B8 Tone Poets Pente
B9 Vox Populi! Brave Old World
B10 Andre De Koning* Party Talk
B11 Actor, The Simple Pop



alfarmania said...

great magazine. I have the previous issue with RJF, rudiger lorenz etc.
you don't have any more material from angst (not the club moral related band)?

433 RPM said...

nope. sorry


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much! Just a note: the file stored on Badongo is extremely small and requires a password to open...? The one on Megaupload seems to be fine though.

433 RPM said...

i think badongo splits them in various files, for reasons i don't know. i always use megaupload.