Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Arcane Device - Seven (tape, Banned Productions BP 31, 1990)

"Arcane Device is the project of David Myers to release his experimental works with manipulated feedback processing. Myers invented his own machine for feedback and started releasing his first experimental works in 1987. He has also collaborated with people like Asmus Tietchens, Kim Cascone, and others and has his own label called Pulsewidth." This is his seventh release as Arcane Device.



Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Much !!!
I'm looking for AD "Engine myth" Lp link and V/Vm " Sabam new belgian Beat " link .
Can you Help me ?
Thanks anyway !
Best Wishes from Florence (Italy)

433 RPM said...

Engine of myth is normally available on CD - BUY THAT CD.
and V/vm I think is the most stupid thing in the world. don't have anything by him, never will, don't care at all. sorry