Friday, June 13, 2008

Julian Bradley (single sided LP, Giardia, 1998)

As requested when I posted the Neil Campbell LP, here the single sided Julian Bradley LP, with handpainted cover, as released by Giardia. It's an edition of 100 copies, with a handpainted cover by Wolf Eyes member John Olson. Other than he's also a member of Vibracthedral Orchestra, I know nothing about him.



Anonymous said...

Thanks much for this, 433, but actually this is a different record than the one I had, as that one was on American Tapes - not Giardia - and had two sides of music - not just one side - but was copyright 1998 as well. The covers look similar too. Very bizarre! Thanks again for such wonderful posts and have a nice weekend!

433 RPM said...

yeah, oh.. well. don't have the other one. this is the only one i have. watching football!