Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mu - Motion In Tune (LP, Backstreet/Blacklash Records BBR 010, 1981)

A good friend of mine just purchased two records that I was most curious about. The other one will be secret until I post it, but here's Mu, a band with Peter Mensing, Koos Ver A, Peter Graute, Bob Knegt, Martin v.d. Leer, Wim Ver A, Linda Smits, Steve Keen and Sylvia Koch. Recorded at the labels Backlash Studio between 1979 and 1981. Rock music, with weird edges, perhaps a bit like Suspect, also on the label (and also on this blog actually). Not great, but nice enough.



male47 said...

Although I am not familiar with Mentally Unfit, I've been lookin for this one quite some time as a real DutchNugget. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi Steve Keen here drummer for M.U. It really was a special band creating endless magical sessions that were recorded live and performed live the band would play and jam for maybe 8 hrs with people coming and going steping in with vocals and Martin mixing and introducing effects and mixes to the room a truly organic live band. Stunning moments of magical lyrics from Peter Mensingh and the rest of us guys just responding to each others emotions and moments of coincidence. I would love to get back in touch with anyone i knew in Holland including the guys from Headline Mark Foggo you can find me on facebook. P.S. i have many posters from the time from melkweg paradiso all over featuring NASMACK RONDO WILLY NILLY HEADLINE MARK FOGGO ETC