Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nasmak - Silhouette (LP, Plurex 3303, 1983)

Their fourth and final album, when they were reduced to a trio (Toon Bressers, Henk Janssen and Theo van Eenbergen). Some smooth and slick, a bit like Japan. Although it doesn't match the 3 previous records by them, it's not bad at all, but they do sound a bit tired, I think. Now it's time to work on posting their tape releases!



P@ndora said...

It's a bit quiet on the comments-front lately, but let me ashure you: your work is appreciated. Thanks for this...

Over The Moon said...

Yes, thanks very much for your great posts. It is nice to see a new post every day or so. I really, really appreciate it!

Have a good weekend!


433 RPM said...

everyday. a post a day keeps the docter away!