Thursday, January 3, 2008

Enno Velthuys - Landscapes In Thin Air (tape, Kubus Kassettes kc 023, 198?)

The second release I post by this crazy dutch ambient composer and of a much better recording quality. The cover says it's been released by Kubus, but there is a stamp from Exart on the backside and according to the Cassette Catalogus it is indeed also released over there.



Unknown said...

Nice! I loved the previous Velthuys you posted! I'll download this one in a minute! Did you noticed I used the ‘A Glimpse Of Light’ cassette for a little mix with Willem De Ridder's voice?
A happy new year to you and keep on the good work.

Jeroen Vedder said...

Nice! Mijn eigen label, maar zelfs ik heb geen exemplaar meer...

433 RPM said...

kubus was toch het label van rob smit? en exart van hessel veldman?



Y Create said...

En zowel Rob en Ik (Hessel) nog altijd actief met muziek.

bryan elfboy said...

thank you. i love this.