Monday, January 28, 2008

Cherry Orchard (miniLP, Lab Records lab 001, 1986)

One of the nicer things of doing a blog is the fact that I learn myself about forgotten music, or music I never heard (of). Cherry Orchard's miniLP was given to me by Danny Bosten of Das Ding, and it's a band he had with his brothers and is much more post-punk than electronic. 10 short pieces, with the 'pay no more' on the cover. The record didn't sell very well, and some 700 were put next to the garbage a long time ago. On Youtube there is a small film in which you can see them. They are the first band. The second is Cash Meat with Johan from Les Yeux Interdit (see previous post on Das Ding) on bass.


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C B said...

Cool and unexpected. This almost sounds like something that could have been on Subpop in late 80s early 90s. Little bit more of a pre-grunge feel then post-punk.