Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Det Wiehl - three tapes

On Mutant Sounds you may have found their CD, which is a kind of best of from these three tapes. Det Wiehl consisted of the two guitarists from Tox Modell, Marc and Andre which later on founded Tecnoville. This was their hobby project, which resulted in these three tapes, of fine, hectic guitar playing, violin abuse, vocals and many guestplayers. They still exist and make music for theatre plays.

1. Nil (tape, Lebel Period lp 800, 1982)
2. Sicks (tape, Lebel Period lp 900, 1982)
3. It's A Great Day For Dying (tape, Lebel Period leb 185, 1985)

Discogs mentions another tape, 'Bidon Four', which I don't have. Anyone else?

their website is here

download download it's a great day

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Curious Guy said...

Bedankt voor de Det Wiehl tapes. Wou die al lang es horen.