Friday, January 25, 2008

Paleis van Boem - Mowgli Goes Kaka (LP, Plexus 08-23355, 1985)

Today I read a film review of a new Dutch film 'TBS' and it said it had too much music by Paleis van Boem. Some research learned that Paleis van Boem did a lot of movie soundtrack, including Oscar winning 'Karakter'. The band is a duo of Martin Vonk (Rotterdam, 16 january 1959) and Jaap de Weijer (Wageningen, 20 may 1959). In 1985 they recorded their album 'Mowgli Goes Kaka', which apparently is their only release ever. It's full of percussion music, which in those days was fasionable (Motel Bokassa and Slagerij van Kampen were other Dutch percussion only bands). This one is rather subdued and not rhythm heavy, more Steve Reich than ethnic, if you catch my drift.



ASDLR said...

Hey! Thanks for posting.

The encoding of the files are of extremely low audio quality. It's a shame because it is a forgotten record as you said it yourself.

Would you please agree to re-up it in mp3 320kbs or FLAC. What you're doing is preserving good music and it's very important.

Thanks again

Octave Octavio

433 RPM said...

No, I won't.

ASDLR said...

Oh what a shame. This is not the reaction I was expecting from a music lover. Good luck with everything then.

433 RPM said...

I must say I don't care what you think. You want me to re-rip a record that I already did 9 years ago. Do you consider I may no longer have the record? I ripped more than 2000 items for people to hear and frankly, if some of the early ones are in a lower than expect kbs than it is simply too bad. I am not looking to re-rip every 10 years everything. You can hear it anyway, even if you call that 'extremely low quality'. you could be more appreciative. I provide something for free and you complain. I am not a supermarket, you're not a customer. take it or leave it. buy the record if it comes up on discogs and do it yourself. I am sure you are opening a blog for FLAC rips soon?

ASDLR said...

Hey, you're right. I understand what you're saying. Re-reading my comment I realize that it can be taken as if it was an "order" or as if it was not a lot of work. It's just that that album really blew my mind. My culture was almost entirely formed thanks to the Internet — both a generational thing and the lack of having a good record shop where I grew up — and I try to collect the good music I find with the best audio encoding possible, as it was meant to be listened to.

I am absolutely not opening any blog whatsoever. Don't have enough "hidden gems" music to share I guess.