Friday, January 4, 2008

Six Simple Senses (tape, Simple Tapes st 001, 1982?) What's Behind That Curtain (tape, Simple Tapes st 002, 1983)

Simple Tapes was an off shoot of a fanzine of the same name and which released three cassettes, these two compilations and a cassette by Dojoji, which I don't have. The focus was mainly not exclusively bands and musicians from Rotterdam. On 'Six Simple Senses' you'll find music by The Black Sheep, Reuter Taktik, Rigor Mortis, Niew Hip Stilen, Dolbies and Effective Fashion. More experimental music can be found on the other by musicians Herbert Verheij, Henk Elenga, Tim Benjamin/Ronald Heiloo/Harold Schellinx, Klein Karang, Willem Jacobs, Rob van Bolderen, Boston Tea Party, Willem Kamerbeek and Triomphe De Vienne - not many well known names, but it's surely worth hearing (of course, as I otherwise I wouldn't post it!).


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