Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dutch Punk #14: The Nitwitz - Early works

One of my very very dear Dutch punk 7"s is the very first 7" by The Nitwitz. I don't know how often I played this, but this serieous fun punk band from Amsterdam always puts a big smile on my face. They started at the end of 1978 and worked along side The Ex, Workmates, Gotterflies. Their records were released on their own Vögelspin Records. In 1982 singer Erik Peters left and they changed their name to Balthazar Gerards Kommando (BGK), named after the murderer of the first Willem the Silent in 1584 an arguable one of the very first hardcore punk band in The Netherlands. In 1996 the band was reformed and released more records (hence the title early works here), they fall outside the limits I impose on myself for this blog. The Wielingen Walgt 12" has The Nitwitz on one side and the less punky but nevertheless also great Götterflies on the other side.

1. Nitwitz, 7inch, Vögelspin bite 001, 1980
2. The Worst Of, 7inch, Vögelspin bite 002, 1980
3. Wielingen Walgt, 12" split with Götterflies, Vögelspin big bite 004, 1981
4. The Scorched Earth Policy, LP, Vögelspin big bite 005, 1981
(their other early tracks you can find on the earlier post 'Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit', Dutch Punk #10)



DJ_NR_01 said...

Nice post, the LP Scorched Earth Policy file however apears to be corrupted. It Does contain the tracklisting, but all tracks contain the same sound that does not seem to bear any ressamblance with the Nitwitz Scorched Earth.

Am still interested in a copy of Scorched Earth Policy,

Thanks DJ

433 RPM said...

yes, you are quite right. strange no-one noticed before. i re-uploaded now called thenitwitz.zip, so hopefully it sounds better!


Anonymous said...

Dutch Punk_14 - The Nitwitz - Early works\The Nitwitz - Scorched Earth Policy

Thanx for the songs but the record below is fucked up, i downloaded it twice withe same fold,

Thanx and keep om going
Cheers BERT

433 RPM said...

hi bert

could you be more specific? you posted this comment with two different posts. please e-mail, not via comments