Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dojoji (12", Plexus, 1984)

A while ago I posted 'Six Simple Senses' which included a track by Dojoji, here is their only other release I know by them. The band consisted of Pien Selleger (bass), Ferdinand Rolle (drums), Hans Rath (saxophone) and Ted Langenbach (bass, percussion). The latter is still around with his Now & Wow club and whatever crazy party he put up in the last twenty or so years. On this record they also have a singer in the person of Lesley Woods, who was before this in Au Pairs. Great funk like music.



meneer cactus said...

WOW thanx
I'm from Rotterdam(Holland) and in 1984 i went to a concert of dojoji.It was great!!After a few years i loste the record.God bless you for bringing it back.
Many thanks!!

btw do you have the first album of PrimaVolta?

433 RPM said...

between you & me: you can still buy this record at 't Platenmanneke in delft.

perhaps they have prima volta too? I don't have it.