Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Grote Prijs Van Nederland 1983 (LP, Megadisc MD 8301, 1983)

Now we can judge for ourselves! Following the small discussion on the recent Tecnoville post, Mic send me the LP 'De Grote Prijs Van Nederland', I believe 1983 was the first edition. You could win money to go into the studio and perhaps a record deal. I don't like contests at all. I thought that most of these bands would be crap, but hey it's not bad at all. The pieces were all recorded at Lochem Festival, Lochem, Holland, 1983. Oh Neel was the winner, though they made a recorded and totally disappeared. You can't tell why they won, as they are the weakest link I think. Thanks Mic for sharing!

A1 Piu Piu - Laga Laga
A2 Piu Piu - Marsipeiner Baby
A3 Neel - Rosy Pictures
A4 Neel - Sensuous
A5 Koffieband, De - Ruzie
A6 Koffieband, De - Liefdesbeet
B1 Tecnoville - Dressed Up
B2 Tecnoville - Ego Life
B3 Tröckener Kecks - Mokerslagen
B4 Tröckener Kecks - Speelkwartier
B5 Tröckener Kecks - Koud En Donker
B6 Sammie America's Mam - This Is The Moment



P@ndora said...

Thanks for this! Also to Mic! Don't you love how the internet sometimes works?

And I finally get to hear some Piu Piu as well, as requested many moons ago...

Maks said...

Great work, thnx! 'Marsepeine Baby' ended up at Piu Piu's debut-EP 'Nougat' from 1984, which I really would like to have digitalized once, but this is a start ;-)

Maks said...

And whatever happened with winner 'Neel', anyone?
Moved her career into the same direction as it seemed to go with all the other former winners of DGPVN: straight back into oblivion?

Mic B said...

You're welcome! Actually I was quite surprised myself about the quality of this first edition of DGPVN, listening to the album after so many years. Actually regretting we cancelled our trip to Lochem ("dauwtrappen") because it was raining cats and dogs that day :) Even Neel and De Koffieband aren't crap bands, methinks. Just not our cup of errr... tea.

Neel van der Elst herself and some of the band members are still active as musicians. Neel impersonated the infamous Wim Schippers character Etna Vesuvia and is still performing as one of the "Girls (who) wanna have fun". More info: http://www.popinstituut.nl/biografie/neel.13276.html

Were they rightly the winners? Well, this Rotterdam jury gives unanimously 12 points to MAM's mind-blowing "This is the moment". BTW Tom America made a selection of his songs for free download: http://www.tomamerica.nl/mam.html

433 RPM said...

ah great. also that episode ends nice!


Maks said...

Etna Vesuvia? OMG! Thnx for the info-page. I will immediately take back my earlier comment about oblivion, how could I. Etna & Co were brilliant those days!

And there still are quiet a few Ron Flon Flon things available online. Check: http://www.ochblog.com/2006/11/30/ronflonflon_met_jacques_plafond/

Pieter said...

Ik luisterde en dacht steeds: waar lijkt die stem van Neel/ Edna nou toch op? Plots schoot het me te binnen! Haar stem leek op Toyah (zelfde tijd, andere plaats)