Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vivenza - Machines (12", Musee St. Pierre, 1985)

Perhaps my final posting on the work of Vivenza, this is a rather short one, but quite nice example of his machine music. As my friend AV pointed out, the thing Vivenza didn't do was making music with recordings of machines. He made the scan of the Vivenza equipment as shown in the booklet of his V2 cassette. We can two putney at the core of his set up. Interesting. Find the picture separate from the post... The person in the picture is not Vivenza, in case you might wonder.



icepick method said...

"We can two putney at the core of his set up." huh?

433 RPM said...

'we can SEE two putney synthesizers at the core of his set up"


Basement Tapes said...

thanks for posting this!!!

mart van bree said...

Is it Alex on the picture?
I think I was at that performance/ concert.

433 RPM said...

yes its alex of v2. you were there, i remember..