Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Strength (LP, Azteco Records, 1986)

And some more Vivenza can be found on this compilation LP from Italy, which has some 'big' names of those days like DDAA, P16.D4, De Fabriek, Human Flesh and then new T.A.C. from Italy. Each of them has quite some time at their disposal, so it became quite a nice compilation album.



Salaried Man Club said...

Thanks for all the shares, of course.

you skirt the fringes of what I am wish to hear, so I'll ask: do you have any "primitive" techno or early minimal synth that hits the vain that Vanity Music (Japan) tapped?


433 RPM said...

any specific titles?

Psyence Guy said...

Thanks. Awesome stuff.