Friday, March 7, 2008

Herbert van der Kaap - Vertraag De Tijd (tape, Kubus Kommunikaties KK 005, 1981)

I wasn't aware at all that I had this tape, thinking I posted all the tapes that I had from this label. I have no idea who he was, but he was closely linked to the early Kubus releases, slowing down instruments, in this case all slowed down saxophones. It fits well with the ambient style of the early releases, and I would love to see CDR releases of it - perhaps being the only person in the world who would care about such a thing.



Curious Guy said...

Ben zelf ook erg geinteresseerd in Kubus & Exart tapes. Rob Smit verkocht er een tijdje geleden nog op Gemm maar is er blijkbaar mee gestopt. Misschien moeten ze het voorbeeld van Trumpett volgen.

pompao said...

just beatifullllll!!!!!
thanks for all the music.
I'm form argentina, but living in usa. chicago.
thank you for the c.schnitzler related material.

pompao said...

this album is just beatifulll!!!!
thank you for the music .
my name is ariel and i live in chicago, usa. I'm form argentina.
thanks for teh c.schnitzler related material. I love his music.

moroder odor said...

totally ripped my mind open. good sound quality for such an old tape. the music gave me a wonderful sunday evening. can't thank you enough.

moroder odor