Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sexorama Volume Three (two tapes, ZSF Produkt, 1985)

Well, not post the other two Sexorama compilations straight away? On the first cassette of volume three, you'll find Controlled Bleeding, Klang, Le Syndicat, The Hanatarashi, Mauthausen Orchestra, Nord, Bourbonese Qualk, Merzbow. Etant Donnes, Solmania and Vittore Baroni and on cassette two NBN, Le Syndicat, Boh Boh, Klang, The Gerogerigegege, Tetsuya Fukui, Controlled Bleeding, Ardissono Carlo, Mentalvoid and Merzbow. And what I forgot to tell yesterday, neither of these volumes come with extensive booklets like volume 1.

one two


soundhead said...

i'm enjoying these, thanks.

Anonymous said...


thanks for vols 2-4!!
but as far as vol. 1 is concerned... the link on Dual Track seems to be dead (it's been posted 6 months ago)

Anonymous said...

well... I meant that "it was posted 6 months ago" ;-)

wink'n'whip said...

The posts for Sexorama have all been removed. Any chance of re-listing these titles?

433 RPM said...

it seems that all massmirror links don't work. i have no idea wether this is a temporary problem, so i prefer to wait for a few days. if massmirror is really dead, than i have a lot to re-up... :(