Sunday, March 23, 2008

Directions Two (tape, Direction Music, DMC 02, 1989)

Direction Music was a nice UK tape label with mostly electronic and some more experimental music, ran by Peter Harrison, who died in 2000 (and consequently the label stopped). He released tapes by Vidna Obmana, David Prescott, Maeror Tri, Contact With A Curve and some nice compilations, of which this is one. This is the tracklist for it:

A1 Muslimgauze Lion Of Kandahar (Excerpt)
A2a David Prescott Study For 2 Filters & Shortwave
A2b David Prescott The Last Of Proficiency
A3 N.R. Hills The Boat Of Nails
A4 Alto Stratus Sunken Nun
A5 Nurse With Wound Smooching With The Sacred Cow Of Om
A6 Plant Bach Ofnus Gader
A7 Jörg Thomasius Piano Loop
B1 Colin Potter The Burrowing Machine
B2 Conrad Schnitzler Con. 19/10/88 (Geburtstag Musik)
B3a Gen Ken Montgomery Snake Dance
B3b Gen Ken Montgomery Ships That Pass
B4 Pump Yukiko
B5 John Palmer Milkbottles That Move (In The Night)
B6 Arcane Device Untitled Feedback Piece
B7 Magenta Mirror Direction Matrix P


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