Thursday, March 27, 2008

Merzbow - Flesh Metal Oragsm (tape, Nihilistic Recordings, 1989)Merzbow - Flesh Metal Oragsm (tape, Nihilistic Recordings, 1989)

One of the harsher Merzbow releases here, which was released by Peter Zincken (of Odal and Fckn Bstrd's fame) Nihilistic Recordings, one his labels in the 80s. The funny thing is that the cover lists all the instruments used. I can imagine a few people raising an eye-brow: did he use that to make all this noise. But I like it. For some reason I can't upload an image


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Anonymous said...

what kind of unfinish collection do you have?...It's all fukin' great treasures.

Big Thanks.