Friday, March 21, 2008

Henri Chopin - Poesie Sonore (tape, S Press, 1972)

One of the shorter tapes, with only two pieces by this by now very old sound poetry guy, not like Whitehead at all. Chopin started to work in the fifties with microphones and reel to reel tape machines and had a magazine with record 'Revue OU'. I believe much of his compositions are re-issued by now, but I'm not sure about this tape release. It's not the best quality aroun, but it gives you a fine idea of what it sounds like.



Unknown said...

Henri Chopin passed earlythis year unfortunately, sometime in early january.

Thanks much for posting this, and Ubu and youtube has several clips of chopin in action - always amazing work.

433 RPM said...

i see, january 3rd.. ah i didn't know. i saw the clips which were great...