Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hajsch - Nagual (Fuer Silvio Manuel) (LP, Quiet Artworks 08, 1992)

Hajsch is Hans-Jurgen Schunk, one half of PFN, who was also a member of Kontakta (with a lot of others from the Cologne scene, like Frank Dommert, C. Schulz and Marcus Schmickler). His discography is rather small, with over the last 20 or so years only a small handfull releases. His only piece of vinyl is this one, which lists various tracks, which I didn't know how to separate, so I left it as one track. Drone and dream like electronics, with a portion of musique concrete.


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armeur H said...

I discovered your blog with a comment on cranio's. And thanks a lot for your work ! I found the "sonorité jaune" tapes I'd searched some years ago and another gems.