Monday, February 25, 2008

C-Schulz - 10. Hose Horn (LP, Entenpfuhl, 1991), 7. Party Disco (12", Erfolg, 1991)

The C stands for Carsten and he's from Cologne, and was, along with the previously posted Hajsch, in Kontakta. He makes totally different music, based on sampling, rhythm, spoken word. It's joy and playful music, especially on the 12" and the first side of the LP. The second side of the LP is more sketchy, with lots of shorter tracks - I hope I separated them well. Besides these two early pieces of vinyl there is an even older cassette (which I am not sure I have) and only 3 CDs of his solo work, the last one 'Das Ohr Am Gleis' is from last year. Also he produced an excellent CD with Hajsch in 2000.

download 12"


robin said...

Always a big fan of Schulz so it's great to hear where he started. Thanks!

Oozlum said...

Wonderful! Thank you for introduction!

PR Cyclone said...

I just discovered this artist. Very cool stuff.

Any chance you can re-upload this? Sorry I missed it first time around.


433 RPM said...

any chance you can read the re-up policy which you missed the first time around?

Leo said...