Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rock Tegen De Rollen (LP, Rock Against Records, 1981)

As you have no doubt noticed this blog is slowly shifting away from the Dutch punkrock, new wave and experimental music and going in more foreign directions. Partly because I'm pretty through though what I have. I don't want to use other people's MP3's too much and rather having the real thing myself to rip. Or borrowing them. Mgr Ubu lend me a few records, and this is the first I'm posting. Rock against rolemodels is a rough translation and it has all female bands (which is a daft thing to say, as nobody says all male bands) from Utrecht, who all played live on November 8, 1980. It has tracks by The Nixe, Pin-Offs, Pink Plastic & Panties and Removers and is actually quite a nice compilation, with a remarkable cover in there by the Removers.


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Mic B said...

Just in case someone's interested... Pauwke Berkers wrote a graduation thesis about feminism and punk in the Netherlands. It's for free download available at (in Dutch).