Sunday, February 17, 2008

Vlaaikots (tape, Limbab 001, 1982)

A vlaai is a dutch cake, especially made in the part called Limburg, where this cassette label got their name. Kost means puke. This compilation was the start of a nice label, of which I unfortunately have nothing else (besides the previously posted tape by Der Junge Hund). This compilation shows a wide interest in music, from hardcore punk of Pandemonium, poet Koos van de Kerkhof and free improv rock bands like Choroform, Holland Elektro, Zoo, Coolcast, A Live Detail, Zanzibars Twist and 83 Cherokee. I never got the case box package though! If anyone has other tapes by this label, I'm more than happy to hear those.



Ego Kornus said...

Met verhuizen ben ik ooit deze casette kwijtgeraakt ondanks dat ik erzelf ook aan meegewerkt heb.
Oftewel Zoo
Bedankt Groeten uit Buenos Aires

433 RPM said...

mocht je andere limbabwe tapes als mp3 hebben, dan hoor ik het graag