Monday, February 4, 2008

Perpetual State Of Oracular Dream (LP, Baader-Meinhof release VA-001, 1991)

This is an early nineties compilation LP, released on the Baader Meinhof label, compiled by Eric Lanzillotta. It was his label, but quite soon after that it would transform into Anomalous Records, also one of the best mailorder outlets of the 90s. He liked his music to be German or American, it seems. Included are American bands Debt Of Nature, Crash Worship, Premature Ejaculation, Arcane Device and Plecid. Germany supplied Genocide Organ, Asmus Tietchens, Cranioclast, Hirsh Quadrant and Mimir (ok, well, they are part Dutch). Two Canadian bands: blackhumour and The Haters. Quite a nice experimental album, which came in a cloth cover back then.


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Anonymous said...

Great release.
Mimir piece is fantastic!
Many thanks.