Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nasmak - Only This Day And 77 Others: Indecent Exposure 5 & 6 (2 tapes, Plurex, 1981)

So we did all the LPs by this great, somewhat forgotten dutch group. To be done are some 12"s, a 7" or 2 and no less than six tapes, of which this is the first post, from back to front. They were released as series of two under the banner of Indecent Exposure and each got their own subtitle. This is the working book of Nasmak. They recorded their concerts, improvisations, rehearsals etc, and on these tapes, which act like a sketch book, you can find them. Endless thanks to Mic for sending this. Your work is highly appreciated

download 5

download 6


Mic B said...

My pleasure!

P@ndora said...

Many thanks for this and all the other Nasmak!

I know I'm being a bit anal, but IE6b has two tracks labelled as #13. Which one is #13 and which one is #14? And do you (or Mic) maybe have scans of the insides of the j-cards?

Once again: thanks!

433 RPM said...

announcement is 13, the other 14. there are no insides of the jcards. the information comes in a seperate folder, which i will include with the next post, since it includes info for all six tapes.

soundhead said...

these may be my favorite nasmak recordings yet!

thank you.

stefan said...

Thanks for this! Never heard and never seen! I was a big fan of Nasmak in the 80's but could never find these tapes. Strangely underrated band. 4our clicks and Duel still sounds fresh today...Haven't heard them for a long time but now in my I-pod, fantastic!

Thank you!

Kiwi-Dodo said...

Can You Re-Upload this Please?

433 RPM said...

since you can't read (report broken links through e-mail, not as comment), and since your profile is not to be accessed, i ask myself why i should bother. but of course i am a good boy and do it. and that other one (link won't be published). any further requests submitted in similar will be ignored.