Monday, February 18, 2008

Hands To/Mental Anguish - Orange Is For Anguish, Blue For Insanity / Myasic (LP, Harsh Reality Music, Big Body Parts HR-BBP-01, 1988)

Hands To was the 80s project of Jeph Jerman, working with field recordings and electronics to create densely woven patterns. As such he released a whole bunch of tapes and some records. Many of the tapes are stilll available from him directly Jerman is still active to this day, but under his own name. Mental Anguish is still the project of Chris Phinney and it seems an odd combination here with his synth and drummachines (no vocals!), but in the days it was a normal meeting of two likeminded free artists.



tarab said...

you can buy the "complete" recordings of Hands To from Jeph directly:

Rough Music DVDR/CDR 2006
(DVD contains all audio files as data - CD has images of packaging)

not only is it amazing listening - but cheap also - well worth it

433 RPM said...

i didn't see that on his for sale list. i would be curious to get one.


Double Dubz said...

433 RPM said...

surely a bootleg? I know of one musician that is on this compilation who never even heard of this release.