Tuesday, February 5, 2008

David Prescott - Walking In Slow Circles (LP, Generations Unlimited, 1987)

Prescott started the label Generations Unlimited together with Gen Ken Montgomery and Conrad Schnitzler. He was supposed to handle the business side, whilst the other two did the artistic side. The label was primarily for their own music, but Prescott wanted to expand to other musicians too, which he did, like Iancu Dumitrescu, If Bwana and Arcane Device, so Gen Ken and Conrad left him with the label. Soon after nothing was heard of the label or Prescott (although discogs lists an MP3 from 2006). His own music was not unlike that of Schnitzler: two side long pieces of 'non-keyboard electronics'. I no longer have his "From Chance To Probability" LP on the same label.



vanito said...

million thanks for this

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny to find this after all these years!

I hope others enjoy it. The history of my involvement with Ken and Con is fairly accurate, although they were supportive of including other artists at first. I stopped publishing because it was always much more fun to do it with others rather than a solitary activity.


David Prescott

Anonymous said...

I own another LP of electronic music by a David Prescott that he promoted while being a DJ on the Boston College radio station in the 80's (same Prescott?) that I cannot remmeber the name of.
If i ever get a way to convert to MP3, I'll let you know. Perhaps he can enlighten us as to his toat disography since he answered you here.

433 RPM said...

David is going to send me some records, so perhaps the mystery can be solved some where in the future.