Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Eye Decay Theory (LP, Johnny Blue noy 001, 1991)

This Portuguese label Johnny Blue has a small discography to it's name: this compilation LP, and two more compilations: A Gnomean Haigonaimean (LP) and Hare Hunter Field (CD), as well as a cassette by Hesskhe Yadalanah (all of which I don't have). The compilations have quite a bunch of well-known names. On 'The Eye Decay' the tracks are linked together by spoken word excerpt, which made it impossible to separate the pieces. The cover was designed by Cranioclast. This is the tracklist:

A1 PGR Requiem (6:30)
A2 Peter Frohmader Waves (3:59)
A3 Luciano Dari Lapide Minetale IV (4:23)
A4 Bernard Vitet / Hélène Sage Le Dictionnaire Des Synonymes (3:16)
A5 U.N.A.C.D. Anthropométrie (3:36)
B1 Hesskhe Yadalanah Creeping Paralysis (1:04)
B2 S·Core Insence Burner (3:17)
B3 Vrischika Les Profondeurs (4:15)
B4 When Bell 1 (3:51)
B5 Peter Vogel (Excerpt From) Loop Music (1:29)
B6 Désaccord Majeur En Contre Partie (4:38)
B7 Bourbonese Qualk Halabja (Trafalgar Square Mix) (3:15)



Jorge Silva said...

Hello, I've been a frequente reader of your blog.
I've been looking for all three "Johnny Blue" releases on and off the internet and they are very very hard to find.
I've got them on tape. I guess i'll have to find a way to pass the tom mp3 format.
They are excellente, i must say.

Curious Guy said...

Wou es vragen waar ik de download link kan vinden.
Laatste posts zijn heel interessant. Banabila deed me wat denken aan de muziek op de 'Made To Measure' serie.

433 RPM said...

ah, yes, the link. forgot that, here it is:

Jorge Silva said...

A Gnomean Haigonaimean (LP), is a sort of "brother" album to this one. It's tracks are also linked by vocal excerpts, interviews and other sounds from other artists.
Of both of them, i like A Gnomean Haigonaimean better especially because of it's first track by Cranioclast.

Thanks for "The Eyes Decay Theory" anyway.

Love your Blog!

Unknown said...

nice one! I've had both of those compilations since the mid 90s and always enjoyed them. in case anyone is interested, another blog "The Thing On the Doorstep" recently posted "A Gnomean Haigonaimean":