Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Theatre Of Hate - He Who Dares Wins (Live At The Warehouse Leeds) (LP, Burning Rome Records SSSSS1P, 1981)

Hey, didn't I do this already? Ah yes, I did, but this is a bootleg recorded in Leeds, whereas the one I posted is the live in Berlin one. This one I also borrowed from Pieter, of whom I'll posting stuff this week. Different tracks at this LP too actually.
Some Discogs info: Track titles don't appear on this release.
Recorded at the Leeds Warehouse on the 27th January, 1981.
Black and white sleeve and label.
Back sleeve is price flashed "Pay no more than £2.49".
Vinyl appears to be black but is dark red transparent if held up to a bright lightsource.

Not for sale


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BK said...

I can't believe I never noticed it was dark red! Thanks for the tip.