Sunday, June 28, 2009

Harsh Ears Now (three tapes, Midas Music T01, 19??)

Originally Midas Tapes (the fore runner of Midas Music) released five volumes of Harsh Ears Now compilation series, in different lengths but when Jac van Bussel re-started as Midas Music he did a re-issue of three ninety minute cassettes. Lots of people from the Midas Music area, solo projects of THU20 members and they have sometimes more than one track. Lots of noise, experimental and electronic music.

Kapotte Muziek, THU20, Dwarf Farm, Club Rialto, Happy Halloween, Vital Parts, Jacinthebox, Tools You Can Trust, Dwarf Farm, Post Destruction Music, Une Le Wurg Production, Arvid Tuba, S·Core, Tecdor Menta, Weird Scenes, Marcel van der Zwet, Vik Pawel, Post Destruction Music & Dva Met Dva Nichts, The Haters, Mailcop, Zweiter Korps, Victor/Im, Mystery Hearsay, Urbain Autopsy, Dva Met Dva Nichts, Odal, Danton's Voice, Enhänta Bödlar, Sarkuidosis Sida, IOSS, Winter, New Carrollton.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to give it a listen! Thanks again

Anonymous said...

wow great compilation! was looking for it for a long time.