Friday, June 5, 2009

Dog Faced Hermans - Live At The Ancienne Chocolaterie (tape, 1991)

I don't think this band exists anymore. I took this off their website:
COLIN played the bass, some guitar and steel drum
ANDY played the guitar, the viola and some hippo tube
MARION sang, played the trumpette and the bells
WILF drummed and played some foghorn and saxophone
GERT-JAN did the live sound
This particulier tape release is not mentioned on their website. A band that played punk along the lines of the Ex. Bandmember Andy is now a member of the EX and also a reknowned improvisor. This is a live tape.

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Danny b Funk said...

Thanks for all the great music. You've got some really cool and interesting stuff on here and it's great that you are always so consistent. If you, or anyone else for that matter are interested in hearing some quality lost/rare American recordings from the past check out Lost Gold Records at

Abraxas80 said...

The man on the cover looks like the German humourist Karl Valentin.

Photocar said...

what a find! thanks!

gidouille said...

I have this tape. It was a key moment in the band's history, a performance of material from Mental Blocks for All Ages only a month after it was recorded. Thanks, great to get a digital copy.