Thursday, June 4, 2009

De Aardappeleters - two tapes

I have no clue who De Aardappeleters are, well except for a well-known Van Gogh painting of course, as the covers don't clue at all. Two relatively short tapes. One is called 'Escape From Kroller Moller' (which in case you don't know is a museum in which they have some Van Gogh paintings) and the other is 'Split Person'. No indication for a label. Lyrics are in Dutch and the music rock, pop, jazz like but all a bit more experimental of course.

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Pieter said...

'De Aardappeleters' is a band from Rotterdam. The singer was Michiel Brink (vocals & mouth-organ) and one of guitarplayer was Gerard Immerzeel.
The band 'De Aardappeleters' doesn't excist anymore, but they have made a new start under the name 'Rotpots'

This is their site:

Tony said...

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