Friday, June 19, 2009

Jongerenkrant Zuid (tape, Combinator Records, 1983)

donated by Pascal 'titi' Tabarnac:
This was almost a 'commercial' job for the two guys, José and Kees, that ran Combinator Records. They were located in Rotterdam's biggest squat, The Poortgebouw (still fighting for it's existence nowadays). Personally, i go more for their self-produced music -see Ex Arare Musica and Par Accidante, somewhere else on this blog. On those cassettes they acted like low-budget Kip Hanrahans; dragging anybody for the microphone who could play something and then putting it in the context they had allready chosen. They were doing electronics; analog synths of course- but couldn't play or sing something themselves as far as i remember. Anyway, 'Jongerenkrant Zuid' hired them to release this cassette which was also their last issue (of Jongerenkrant Zuid i mean) . It contains live-recordings of a festival that same Jongerenkrant oganised in 1983 in Rotterdam. The recordings are quite well done. For historical accuracy i also included all the little text pieces in between -on separate tracks. Bands included are Lavvi Ebbel, The Frog, Spot The Looney, The Div and Nasmak.



Song Yong said...

I think it's incredible.

P@ndora said...

Absolutely fabulous!


P@ndora said...

Thanksfor this, great Quality! Songs by De Div: Stap voor stap / Insecticide / Man in de ruit / Guerilla