Sunday, July 15, 2007

Portion Control (tape, 198?, unreleased)

Somehow somewhere and somehow I got this demo from Portion Control. I am not sure when it was recorded, but listening to it, it seems to me that it's quite an early work, when they were less harsh and more poppy. The period when I liked them best. The tape is housed in a handmade carton box with an old poster glued to it. The band knows about this, but didn't care about it too much. On their recently released 5CD of archive works the whole first period seems rather underrated, which me thinks is a great pity.



Anonymous said...

WoW! sounds like just before 'Surface And Be Seen'
very inspiring for me, thanks for this great stuff i never heard before!


demised said...

hi, is there a tracklist for this??
also, do you have any stress cassette that you could post?? that would be great..

samen said...


Any chance you'd sell this cassette? Or perhaps trade it for something of more interest to you?

mac the bastard said...


ROOKSBY said...

I love this early P.C. stuff, many thanks for sharing... x

Unknown said...

It's "Private Illusions No. 1" tape.

1.Cats On A Hot Tin Roof
2.Double Vision
3.Power Studge And Crust
4.White Cubes
5.The Mote In God's Eye
6.Go For The Throat
7.Slim Waters
8.Experiment Stress Project
9.Torrid Tale
10.Rough Trooper

433 RPM said...

yes, that great box by vinyl on demand is now available indeed.! :)


cray Z said...