Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Endzeit (tape, Datenverarbeitung, 1982)

Germany's Datenverarbeitung produced a couple of interesting tapes, like the well-known Bain Total Germany sampler and Sinn & Form, besides Hunting Lodge and Die Klopferbande. 'Endzeit' is perhaps the most unknown release, limited to 230 copies only and co-released with Power Focus Records. Even back in the day that was a strange thing, seeing three tracks from Section 25 and one by Virgin Prunes, quite well known then. The complete track listing:

Side 1:
The Virgin Prunes - Song
Cultural Amnesia - Repetition For This World
Section 25 - Hit
Culturcide - Disco
Section 25 - Inside Out
Cultural Amnesia - Reprise

Side 2:
Raudive Bunker Experiment - Phillipp's Song
Section 25 - The Visitation
Die Klopferbande - Cadillic Im Ghetto
Cultural Amnesia - Dialogue Of Skull And Soul
Die Kloperbande - Finale
Raudive Bunker Experiment - Bluemix
Cultural Amnesia - Secrets Of The Passive Margin

Both sides as separate MP3, unindexed.



El Limbo von Punsch said...

Thanks for this !
(and the other tapes of course...)

433 RPM said...

thanks. glad you liked it. more to come, 1 every day...