Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mekanik Kommando/Vice (live recording, unreleased)

This is an unreleased live recording from two bands from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Both were taped from radio broadcast, Vara's Popkrant. Also broadcasted were interviews, but we have just the music here. Mekanik Kommando was broadcasted on september 22, 1981 and Vice on june 29, 1982. Both bands at the time worked together in Stichting Akidanz, who looked after their business affairs (along with Bazooka and Das Wesen). Mekanik Kommando is quite known still but Vice is not anymore. It's kinda short with three tracks from Mekanik Kommando and two from Vice, but quite nice to hear again, even when they were taped to a shitty cassette. The two albums by Vice I will do somewhere in the future, especially their first 12" is a great minimal synth popmusic. Track listing:

Mekanik Kommando - Microbes
Mekanik Kommando - Vortext
Mekanik Kommando - Birds

Vice - Running And Hiding
Vice - Water And Steel


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