Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Science (tape, Kubus Kommunikaties, 1984)

One of the lesser known Dutch cassette labels from the early 80s was Kubus Kassettes - at least lesser known these days. The label was run by Rob Smit, who is musically responsible for several releases under various guises, as well as various other people, such as Act Of God, Pain and Muziekkamer (whose excellent work will follow shortly). I only have a few of the releases, all to come, but we start with 'New Science', which is a 30 minute sampler of released pieces from various other releases, except the sixth track of side A. Many of the releases of Kubus are quite ambient in approach, but 'New Science' is a bit more 'industrial', but quite enjoyable. There is a tape glitch at the beginning of side A, which couldn't be repaired. Anyone who has MP3s of other Kubus releases, except 002, 003 and Digit USA: please let me know


Side A:

Act Of God - z.t. (Untitled)
Het Winnifred Komplex - Samenzang (community singing)
Digit 1 - Modern Conversation
Digit 1 - The Jump
Dsmitmachien - Het Stille Weten (The silent knowing)
Dsmitmachien - Nachtploeg (Nightshift)

Side B:
Act Of God - Hesychasme (Towards God)
Pain - Naderend Geweld (Approaching Violence)
Mark van Kempen - Naar School (To school)
Pain - All Those Moments
Act Of God - Plane

Both sides as separate MP3, unindexed.



Wave said...

Wondering if anybody else got an error whilst opening the zip file.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.