Friday, July 27, 2007

Nexda - Vinyl Works (1982-1984)

As far as I know these should cover all the material by Nexda on vinyl. The two 12"s on Plurex are quite well-known and the piece on the 'Dokument' also. The split 7" with Cargo Cultus is lesser known, but the true gem here is the LP which I never saw for sale or mentioned. Packed in silkscreened carton sleeve, this is a true beauty. Nexda came from Haarlem, The Netherlands, and played music on handmade drums, metal, organ, voice and saxophone. They sounded quite different from many of the other bands around that time. They released many cassettes on their own Studio 12 label, which was also the name of their shop in Haarlem. I no longer have the cassettes, sorry. The Cargo Cultus side I will use in a forthcoming folder of Dutch 7"s. Most of their track have no titles or just numbers. The complete picture is this:

Nexda (12") released by Plurex (0026) in 1982
Second (12") released by Plurex (0031) in 1982
untitled piece on flexi disc by Vinyl Magazine in 1982
untitled piece on Dokument - Ten Highlights In The History Of Popular Music 1981-1982 by Vinyl Records in 1982 (documenting the flexi's from Vinyl, but Nexda have a different track here)
untitled piece on a split 7" with Cargo Cultus (Studio 12) in 1983 (?)
LP released by Studio 12 in 1983/4 (?)



Jim Slip said...

Once again, thanks for this. Filled some gaps in my Plurex collection.

Lawrence said...

I don't know why this finally appeared on Google but it did and I'm beyond thrilled you did it. I loved the two or three songs I've heard by these guys since I bought the "Dokument" album decades ago. From there, it became a futile search for decades trying to find anything by them. You've just closed a chapter in my life-long search for great music. This is truly a red letter day for me. THANK YOU!!!

Oozlum said...

Thank you very much for this tremendous share! I love NEXDA!

JasonG said...

Very nice to have all this collected in one spot. A major service - many thanks.