Sunday, July 29, 2007

English Subtitles - Original Dialogue (LP, Glass Records, 1982)

Having quite enjoyed the flexi disc these boys did for Vinyl, it took me some years to find this LP. It has a studio side, which is the most interesting one, and it includes both tracks from the flexi and a rawer, punky live b-side. The live recording was made at the Electric Ballroom London, 19-2-1980 and the studio was Jacobs Farnham in August 1981. They use different drummer and different guitarist on the concert. They also released two 7"s which I don't have (anyone else who may have them?). A fine Joy Division clone.



annie's animal said...

nice post!!! very happy to find people who likes english subtitles.
If you want their singles check here

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Roetoes said...

Great band, thanks.