Friday, July 20, 2007

4 In 1 (tape, Grafika Airlines, 1982)

This is not to be confused with more well-known 4 In 1 LP, with The Legendary Pink Dots among others, but this came before that. Each of the bands had 15 minutes at their disposal, and it's a great compilation of experimental and industrial music. Track listing:

Side 1:
Mecanique Vegetale - Incantations Cycliques
Mecanique Vegetale - Lamentations
Mecanique Vegetale - Zona Periodica
Mecanique Vegetale - Sick Soldier
Pseudo Code - Le Gange

Side 2:

Etat Brut - Sollicitation Ext.
Etat Brut - Psychosomatique
Human Flesh - Total Recall
Human Flesh - Tina 74
Human Flesh - Matin. Promenade
Human Flesh - Airport (Your Selfish Mind)



pokemi said...

hello thanks for all these great tapes!
Do you have by any chance the tape of Andre de Saint Obin 'Sound on Sound'?
I never see it anywhere.


433 RPM said...

yes, i have it, albeit without cover. but this is something that will come soon too...


DDV said...

more Etat Brut on the Club Moral Stocklist podcast.