Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yximalloo - Bush Of Bamboo (tape, Sakura Wrechords, 1986)

The second and last Yximalloo tape I borrowed, but there might be more. I looked very long and intense at the cover with and without glasses but I can't read the track titles properly. Maybe you can do and retag the songs.

Not for sale

link removed by request of Yximalloo


Anonymous said...

You are the best. I was just about to ask if you had any more music from this guy/band.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice post.
Here is the tracklisting (including Japanese titles).


A1. Za happy madnes Flom za plant (Korgo)
A2. thegreatkingofhorror#4
A3. neW righT#11 愛国行進曲 (Setoguchi)
A4. He is my waife# (Korgo)
A5. local opens marke t
A6. koxgaragattchatta#5
A7. Templu of 1,000 buddhas#6
A8. creeper do multiprise wis 4 dimention-ly in za forest 森の中で四次元的な増殖をするツタカズラ
A9. Hi-HY-Hi tech agnikaluture
A10. karate chops-A-hoy#6
A11. immitasion girl rings za gong 鐘が鳴る。金が成る。
A12. tsitybcowpis#4 (Korgo)
A13. Villegi of people of farm of normal#4 模範農村
A14. May i eat you, sir?
A15. tranceplanting
A16. life in a quiete villegi
A17. thegreatkingofhorror#11

A1. fack me beethoven
A2. A-E A-E
A3. oddd hat#2
A4. he talks to ashtorny 筋筋筋肩うね腰神関り (Korgo)
A5. indastry meets agrikalture 農工一休
A6. gas ceremony of lokal society
A7. tHe oLd LADy from tHe neW tERitORy#2
A8. p.C.#9 1:44 Yximalloo Bush Of Bamboo
A9. four men wear black suit#5
A10. i goes to rice fields
A11. weird vegitable growing
A12. deWisri 米の声
A13. niGht tripper aNimaLs's internal organs=TORI#33
A14. Villegi of people of farm of normal#5
A15. thegreatkingofhorror#8
A16. NOKIO 万もす農協

Anonymous said...

And more info...

Takeshi Korga,sitar,tabla,suling,tambourine,dx-7,xylophone,tr-505
Shigeo Ootake,vocal,sq-01,dx-7,dx-100,sk-1,ms-10
Naofumi Ishimaru,vocal,mini-moog,vss-100,tambourine,pc-66,handciap next,one key,spx-90,tin drum,loop,sk-1,pipe,accordion,guitar,korg echo,tr-505,Barangan
T.K..S.O.&N.I. recorded A-16 at MINAMI IS studio.
T.K.&N.I. recorded A-2,14,B-6 at MINAMI IS studio.
S.C.&N.I. recorded A-3,5,8,B-11,13 at MINAMI IS studio.
T.K. recorded A-1 at TATAMI studio.
N.I. recorded the others at MINAMI IS studio.

Special thanks to Jad Fair, friendly people in Java & Bali

Anonymous said...

Sorry, some corrections.

A9. Hi-HY-Hi tech agrikalture
A12. tsi;ybcowpis#4 (Korgo)
B1. fack me,beethoven
B2. A-E-A-E
B4. he talks to ashtorhy 筋筋筋肩うね腰神関り (Korgo)
B8. p.C.#9


Takeshi Korgo,sitar,...

soundhead said...

thanks for introducing me to Yximalloo... some of the best I've come across recently.

coralesced_lake said...

This is incredible. Know of anyone with "Kitsch Shaman"?

433 RPM said...

nopesorry, i dont know..


naoger said...

I am Yximalloo.

Please delete the download link.

It is still for sale.