Friday, May 22, 2009

Rod Summers - Helgisaga (tape, VEC editions, 19??)

This is a rip from the original tape release, but apparently there is a CD version to (thanks Jerry for letting me know). From the CD notes: The audio-drama Helgi Saga was written and recorded from May to November 1985. Inspiration sources for the original story were many and various but the main ones were my Viking friends Helgi "The Turtle" Fridjonsson and Por Elis Palsson, the Icelandic sagas, especially Burnt Njall's Saga, and the Bible, book of Ezekial, chapter one from verse four.
The story itself is a black comedy about the progress of a noble Viking who, whilst at battle on behalf of a Norwegian king, has a close encounter of the third kind with robot representatives from Cosmic Control.

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