Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scratch Symphony - Maastricht 1976 (tape, VEC editions, ?)

Not much information here either, but it seems to be a live improvised music concert from 1976, recorded in the Dutch city of Maastricht (where Rod Summers lives), which includes musicians I never heard of: Coen Eckhardt, John Miesen, Det Huiberts, Jenne van Eeghen, Lisette van Wissen, Rod Summers and Tom Winter.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard of Scratch Orchestra but not Scratch Symphony. Does anyone know if there's any relation? I kind of doubt it as Scratch Orchestra dates back to the 1960s and has connections to Keith Rowe / AMM, etc.??? Their music posted on Mutant Sounds blog. That blog is this one are my two favorites.

433 RPM said...

i expected a comment like this, but if there was a link, i would have told you, rest assured..


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Scratch Orchestra, any tape music from David Jackman / Organum most appreciated. I know you don't do CDs on here, but looking to hear some of the harder to find Jackman solo and Organum. One was a tape from 1999 limited to 5(?) copies. It actually might have been a 5 cassette box set, not sure. Not sure if you take general requests like this or not. If not, please excuse my post. Thank you.

433 RPM said...

sorry, no jackman/organum here on cassette