Friday, May 15, 2009

Yximalloo - 15 Songs (tape, Sakura Wrechords Y-4323, 1982)

I must admit I was kinda surprised to see thatb Yximalloo entry on discogs is rather small, but I know he has done a lot more. "Naofumi Ishimaru is the man behind this strange Japanese act. Naofumi most notably took Yximalloo to notoriety when they played a gig at the lavatory in Honda's factory in Japan." It mentions this tape, but it says merely side a and side b, but whoever made the entry didn't have the version I have, since it does mention titles for all songs, which is more than 15 mentioned in the title. Quite wild, partly improvised music with lots of electronics.

Not for sale

link removed by request of Yximalloo


Anonymous said...

Luv your blog very much. Thanks for the daily input for my brain :)


Anonymous said...

I've been following too.
Never have an idea what I'm downloading at all but there are some good pieces.
A great blog.

Song Yong, Japan

soundhead said...

This is great, thank you.

Anonymous said...

THANKS! been wanting to hear some more ever since i got the old gold LP!!!!! Ishimaru discoursages that one as part of his discography! but if that one is not real yximalloo, i can't wait to finally here what is!!! Everyone, you can purchase cds from him through his myspace. Look him on myspace.....

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, too.
I'm part of Old Gold, and we compiled the LP from four or five of his tapes and one track off the Live CD. We did this with Naofumi's permission. So it's not an OFFICIAL Yximalloo release, but is legit (and sold out) save for a few copies in storage here. But all his tapes are GOLDEN!

naoger said...

I am Yximalloo myself.

Please delete the download link.