Thursday, May 21, 2009

La Revolution... Electroacoustique (tape, Colectif & Cie, 1990)

'This tape represents the works of the ten winners of the competition we organised to commemorate the 2nd centenary of July 1789 French Revolution' and the composers are inspired by that to create new works. Serious electro-acoustic music by Ch. Eloy, J.F. Mugnier, Ecole Nationale de Musique de Dieppe, Ph. jamin, F. Grunspan, A. Robin, Arnold & Schedel, R. Renouard-Lariviere and perhaps also surprisingly Autopsia and Luciano Dari (once the boss of Musica Maxima Magnetica, an Italian label)

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Anonymous said...

These 320 rips are draining my hard drive faster than the fascist-majority Congress & 00bama are draining the U.S. taxpayer's wallet. Keeping my fingers crossed we'll see 192 rips again.

433 RPM said...

things are never good are they?

Anonymous said...

Please, let us not regress back to 192. I'm VERY thankful for the 320s. It's already sad enough that we still deal in MP3s at all. Antiquated technology that has overstayed its welcome and no longer serves its purpose. We have massive hard drives and fast download speeds.

THANK YOU for the highest MP3 quality rips.