Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cybe - Cybernetika (tape, Syncop, 198?)

Another contribution from Dr. Freakowitz, this Cybe was from Haarlem, and I think Syncop was his own label with a few releases. Quite nice electro minimal synth music with not so much rhythm machines or vocals. I have no idea who was behind this, probably somebody named Siebe, a common Frysian name.

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Arno Ouwejan said...

Great cassette! i've bought it at Staalplaat many many years ago when we still paid with guilders

433 RPM said...

me too. but i lost mine, so i'm glad der doktor still had it! got anything to share?


Anonymous said...

This was very nice. Thank you very much!


Arno Ouwejan said...

Cybe also made another tape with more poppy sounding tracks, very ahead of its time. I remember gamelan sounding bells and drumcomputers. Too bad i didn't buy a copy then. would love to hear that again.
I've got plenty of music to share but not so much from that time except maybe the future/human league demotapes and oh yes: Chris Carter The Space Between on cassette with an extra track. The cassette sounds really bad with lots of hiss and noise but i could share it after i've digitized it from tape

Medicijnman said...

I think Arno mentioned the Cybonesie tape. Apart from that Cybe also published an earlier one: Positive Movement Muzak - New Age Synthesis. Check this blog from time to time. More Cybe to come in the next month, I have heard.

Arno Ouwejan said...

Great, i wonder what happened to this guy... his music was pretty amazing and way ahead of its time