Friday, May 29, 2009

Finland Hardcore (tape, Eet U Smakelijk, 198?)

A few days ago I saw a new blog The Fallen Record Collection, who seems to be re-using what other people have posted already, and it had a lot of Terveet Kadet, a harcore punk band from Finland, and by strange fate Pieter also mailed me this tape with them on it, as well as Bastards and Riistetyt. As you may recall I am not the biggest lover of hardcore, but the reason for posting is that it was released by a Dutch label Eet U Smakelijk, who was released 'Alle 55 Kort', already posted here a long time ago.

Not for sale



et tu, smakelijk? said...

This tape was released by the good folks at Er Is Hoop (EIH) tapes,
not to be confused with AED tapes (my label, the one that put out
Alle 55 Kort) or Eet U Smakelijk (my former blog). Er Is Hoop also
put out the 3 brilliant "Holland Hardcore" tapes. There seemed to be some kind of religious theme going on in the Dutch punktapes-scene, what with titles like Van U Wil Ik Zingen, Bijna 2000 Jaar Geleden, etc... Terveet Kadet made some of the greatest HC punk ever - but not on this tape (check out their Aareton Joulu EP instead), their former singer now works in a library in Helsinki which attracts pilgrimages of old punks! Anyway, keep up the good work,
Greetz from Niels

distortiontodeafness said...

This tape was indeed released by us [Paul, Olav and Jos] wo ran the 'Er Is Hoop' tape label.
Besides this we did a tape with 3 local bands [Asperitys, The Puke and Total Chaoz] and ofcourse the 3 volumes of Holland Hardcore.
I will upload the other tape to my weblog one day.