Monday, May 4, 2009

Index Metrics (tape, Terminal Tapes 002, 1981)

Perhaps the shortest tape on this blog, as it lasts 10 minutes only. It is an one-off project by one Frank de Munnik and one Herbert Capelle, who were a member of Planung. This band from Enschede had a flexi disc with Dutch magazine Vinyl and I added their side of the flexi to this post along with the article (in Dutch) about them. This cassette has a solo piece by each. "Confused Reaction" is by Frank and 'Fields Of Force' is by Herbert. I know Planung released some more cassettes, which I never heard, but I would be keen to hear them. Planung is more of a band, no wave like, with influences of Cabaret Voltaire and A Certain Ratio, whereas the tape is more electronic.



Anonymous said...

I posted this on my blog a year and a half ago. Please remove...Haha just pulling your leg. No other blog out there touches 433's obscurity.

Anonymous said...

Just listened. Superb primitive synth sound and unconventional, jarring yet subtlely melodic song structure imo. Thanks!