Friday, May 8, 2009

De Fabriek - Trabbi Music (tape, Tapes For Masses tfm 001, 199?)

One of the few tapes I have of De Fabriek which was released on a different label. Tapes For Masses was a Portugese label. Limited to fifty copies this one.

new version uploaded 16th May:



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great music. This is one of the de fab's tapes that I like alot. It Apears tracks
8 & 9 are the same tracks. Also according to discogs, it's a 90 min
tape..this only being the A side.

Thanks again for all the great music!


433 RPM said...

dear tiggs
thanks for spotting the the two track error. i uploaded the correct version.
i looked very very closely at discogs, but here's some considerations: if discogs is right, shouldn't i have uploaded two tracks named untitled? or is it perhaps likely that discogs doesn't say its a 90 minute tape? it is copied onto a 90 minute, that's correct, but one side is blank. so perhaps the person who added this info, doesn't have the tape (indeed very likely otherwise he would have mentioned the track titles i gave). discogs is nice, but like any information (all information in fact) on the internet, its not always true.


Anonymous said...

think he commented in relation to this release from '91:

anyway, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog. thanks a lot again and again and...

kindly regards,

todd =)

433 RPM said...

hi todd
i have no idea who 'he' is who commented, but this is another version of trabbi music, released by De Fabriek themselves, but 'holy' discogs doesn't have it listed as '2 versions', and the other entry - in fact the version i posted - is still listed incorrectly. and the version you refer too, doesn't say 90 minutes either (maybe on the imagine, but that's impossible to read. its a version I don't have.